Today in DeFi - Consenys zkEVM Live, Polygon zkEVM Live, CFTC Sues Binance, ve(3,3) on Arbitrum, and More...

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Consensys zkEVM Linea Live

Consensys launched its highly anticipated zkEVM Linea with native Metamask integration.

Polygon zkEVM Live

Polygon launches the zkEVM mainnet beta. It’s an Ethereum scaling solution combining the zk proofs and EVM, supporting faster and cheaper transactions.

Projects Launching on Polygon zkEVM

The vote to launch Quickswap on zkEVM has passed.

The vote to deploy an MVP version of Aave V3 on zkEVM will end in one day.

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CFTC Sues Binance

Binance and its founder CZ are sued by the US CFTC for violating trading and derivative rules. CZ later published a response to CFTC’s complaint.

EOS EVM Testnet Live

EOS launches the testnet of its EVM and targets the mainnet launch on April 14.

Maker Constitution Approved

The ratification poll for the Maker Constitution MIP Set has passed. There are 14 MIPs that will further decentralize the DAO and revamp governance rules.

New Staking Model, ve(3,3) on Arbitrum, …

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