Devexperts launches white label fractional trading platform

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DXtrade XT is an out-of-the-box trading platform for exchange-traded instruments: stocks (whole, in fractional or notional shares), options, mutual funds, and fixed income (bonds).

The platform serves best those who want to ground a stock brokerage outside the USA and OTC brokers who would like to branch out and establish a subsidiary that offers investments in US-listed stocks.

Finance Feeds has covered a Devexperts webinar on fractional trading, with video. Click here to watch.

For brokers wanting access to US-listed securities

Available to brokers from across the globe, looking to provide their traders with access to US-listed securities, the fractional trading system offers modern and uncluttered web and mobile platforms that are suitable for both professional and novice traders.

With Xtrade XT, brokers can attract more clients by lowering barriers to entry: their traders can benefit from fractional and notional orders and invest the amount of money they feel comfortable about.

On the broker’s side, manual allocation of the fractional trades can be booked under the main account, distributed among the client accounts and managed in a flexible manner according to the broker’s strategy.

At the same time, this flexibility in investment plans for traders still guarantees that the brokers fully control their order management workflow. DXtrade’s web-based admin portal affords brokers real-time order flow oversight. Brokers can monitor client positions and accounts, adjust risk settings, update platform configurations, and manually manage all registered accounts.

The risk management module of DXtrade XT incorporates advanced tools such as routing wheel. This tool allows automated routing based on the criteria such as asset type and destination-based percentage. To learn more features, the webinar video can be found here.

Michael Sprachman, Devexperts VP of Trading Platform, commented: “In the process of designing DXtrade XT, the team has analyzed key pain points of brokers, strategies for attracting and retaining new investors, and ways to automate risk management further. During the course of our market analysis, we have concluded that the majority of brokers run on legacy systems with outdated user interfaces, hence, we see a lot of opportunity for DXtrade XT in assisting brokers to grow their businesses.”

Brokers can request the demo to experience the full functionality, here:

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