Build your own platform with no code: Genesis announces beta version

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Genesis has launched the beta version of a full-stack no-code development environment for building real-time applications for financial markets.

The solution, Genesis Studio, integrates directly with source control technologies such as Git, to provide a seamless development experience between no code and low code, and can also be integrated with existing CI/CD pipelines.

Genesis was founded to help financial institutions innovate and solve complex challenges through its unique ‘buy to build’ approach.

The firm addresses the mounting need to fulfill gaps in the technical-talent pipeline – allowing financial firms to build in weeks what would typically take years.

Genesis Studio lets users design their data model and user interface in a single tool, simplifying the creation of event-driven applications.

The solution helps firms build their software significantly faster than if they had started from scratch, with less code and at a lower cost, while simultaneously catering for a range of simple and complex financial use cases.

Secure, scalable, and compliant, the platform is trusted by Citi, Brazillian exchange B3, ING, and London Clearing House.

Stephen Murphy, Chief Executive Officer of Genesis, said: “Genesis Studio allows financial markets firms to use the tools and workflows they are already comfortable with, rather than imposing new processes.

“This is one of the many ways Genesis provides flexibility and empowers customers to ‘buy to build’ applications on their terms. Critically, Genesis Studio also helps customers break free of vendor lock-in by offering access to their code and control over their IP. We want to provide a seamless and holistic development experience to help customers build applications faster, and we’re looking forward to rolling out Genesis Studio to more clients soon.”

Not only is the company announcing the beta version of Genesis studio, but it is also launching the Genesis Academy pilot education program.

Genesis Academy is a new pilot program with example applications, instructor-led classroom lessons and documentation that helps users to get up and running on the Genesis platform as quickly as possible. The firm plans to make the program available to more customers later this year.

In addition to the academy, Genesis has enhanced its database integration tooling to include support for Oracle databases.

Database integration enables users to rapidly and automatically construct a Genesis application from legacy relational databases. This provides a higher-degree of automation and wider database coverage.

“Applications built upon legacy relational databases have become too inefficient, too difficult to change or too risky to operate, in terms of regulatory compliance and oversight. Our platform advancements make it much faster for users to get started building replacements for legacy applications. The easier we can make it to replace these legacy applications, the better”, CEO Stephen Murphy added.

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