B2C2 taps KX to enhance analytics for institutional crypto

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B2C2 has expanded the use of KX’s real-time analytics software, including the deployment of the visualization tool KX Dashboards, on its crypto LP and digital asset solution.

KX offers kdb+, a time series database and analytics engine, that caters to participants within financial markets, which now includes cryptocurrencies. The technology provides B2C2 with a robust, high-velocity real-time analytics platform, and powerful dashboards for rich data visualization, business intelligence, and reporting capabilities.

kdb+ operates at the core of the KX analytics technology stack giving B2C2 the capability to process and analyze enormous amounts of data, both time series and relational, at speed and scale for richer actionable intelligence, and critical split-second decision-making.

The integration of KX allows B2C2 to provide institutional clients with tailored products and services at a level that is more akin to what is found at a tier-one investment bank.

B2C2 leverages crypto-native technology, sophisticated systematic market making, and risk management in order to provide reliable liquidity across multiple market conditions. The firm caters to a broad range of investors, including larger institutions such as investment banks and hedge funds, who wish to gain access to cryptocurrencies and derivatives products.

Real-time data-driven trading insights and decisions in digital assets

Nicola White, Chief Executive Officer at B2C2, said: “We are pleased to be working with KX, which supports B2C2 in delivering real-time data-driven trading insights and decisions to digital assets markets. KX is recognized and respected for its industry-leading technology across the world’s major financial institutions and working with them aligns with our clients’ and counterparties’ capabilities.”

James Corcoran, Chief Growth Officer, KX, commented: “We’re delighted to be further strengthening our long-standing relationship with B2C2 by supporting its continued innovation and growth in the digital assets space. KX technology is proven in enhancing a broad range of mission-critical data and trading systems across front, middle and back-office operations for the majority of the world’s leading tier-one banks, brokerages, and investment firms. Our services have extended to other major participants in the global financial ecosystem, including the crypto markets. Together we can continue to drive innovation across the expanded financial services sector.”

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