Aurory Project Will Be Launching Their New Staking Dashboard

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The long-awaited Aurory staking dashboard will be going live in December. The new version will be an upgrade of the pilot in which users can enjoy a more intuitive dashboard and have the ability to lock $AURY to earn even more. Staking is one of the ways players can increase their earnings on the platform. Currently, around $60,000,000 is staked in the pool, with an APR of 28%. The $AURY token is a Solana Programming Library (SPL) token and is the main currency used in the ecosystem. The token is currently listed on FTX, Kucoin, Orca, and Raydium and is expected to be listed on multiple other exchanges.

Aurory Project is a blockchain-based gaming platform that aims to set the standards for play-to-earn gaming, by providing innovative and attractive gameplay that also cultivates virtual in-game economies. Their mission is to lower the entry barriers in web3 gaming and to close the gap in quality between web2 gaming and the currently available play-to-earn games. They aim to be a welcoming, educational, and fully functional blockchain gaming platform that will attract players from the Solana ecosystem and the (crypto) gaming industry.

The community will also play a vital role in helping to increase brand growth and development of subsequent games by creating features with the help of DAOrory. DAOrory is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization composed of every holder of Aurory NFTs. The mission of this organization is to allocate money to Solana-based NFT projects in order to build a treasury collectively owned by its members. The Solana blockchain is very fast and cheap in usage, has strong ecosystem momentum, and has a trustworthy team behind it from a technical excellence standpoint, which makes it ideal for play-to-earn gaming. While most other blockchains try to remain industry-agnostic, Solana places a lot of effort and resources on building specific tools and infrastructure to support the needs of game studios building games with complex real-time economies and systems.

Introducing some of the Aurory team members:

Stephan Carmignani: Creative Director with 22 years of experience. He worked at Infogrames/Atari, Ubisoft, Eidos, EA, Warner and Rovio.

Simon Lallemand: Environment Art Director with 15 years of experience. He previously worked at Ubisoft and Gameloft.

Thomas Destugues: Lead 3D Animator with 13 years of experience. He worked at Ubisoft and Ludia.

Claire Deberle: Animation Director with 11 years of experience in the industry and previously worked at Ubisoft.

Jonathan Campeau: Executive Producer with 18 years of experience and worked at Ubisoft, EA, Gameloft, Minority and was the Head of Production for several Assassin’s Creed and Far Cry editions.

With a team of 28 people, mainly from AAA studios, Aurory Project is developing a game divided into two parts. A solo, free-to-play PvE experience to onboard as many people as possible to the game, and a competitive multiplayer (PvP) mode where Neftie trainers (players) can battle it out in the arena. A player can compete in both the PvE and PvP environment for free and earn rewards. In the PvE mode, players can earn NFTs and $AURY tokens while completing the campaign. The best-performing players in the PvP mode will feature on the leaderboards and earn rewards based on their position. All rewards in both NFTs and $AURY could then be used to enhance the experience and performance in-game or be sold on the marketplace.

Apart from their strong development team, they also have an experienced group of advisors. One of the leading advisors is Tristan Yver, who is the head of strategy at FTX US. He brings in his expertise to take Aurory Project to the next level. They are currently backed by Solana, Alameda Research, CMS Holdings and Jump Capital, has attracted the interest of major industry players and managed to partner with TSM FTX, which is a pioneer when it comes to esports globally. Through the partnership, it released its first NFT collection designed by Aurory.

About Aurory

Aurory Project is a blockchain gaming studio and one of the pioneers in incentivized, blockchain-based gaming on the Solana ecosystem. The platform allows gamers to earn NFTs and rewards in $AURY tokens which can be staked for yield rewards, used in games or sold on the marketplace.

Aurory sets the standard for play-to-earn games by creating innovative and attractive gameplay that also cultivates virtual in-game economies. The company has a mission to encourage the global adoption of cryptocurrencies. It is doing this by introducing gamers to the blockchain through incentivized gameplay, lowering the entrance barriers to web3 gaming and working hard to bridge the gap between web2 and play-to-earn gaming.


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