AEX integrates with fiat and crypto custodians Banxa and Xanpool

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AEX Global has integrated with Banxa and Xanpool payment platforms, adding 22 new fiat currency access channels.

The move aims to provide a safer and smoother fiat currency exchange experience on AEX for users in Europe, Asia, North America and Oceania markets.

Banxa and Xanpool are third-party custodian platforms for fiat currency and digital assets serving institutional-level customers and qualified investors.

AEX provides access to the cryptocurrency market through several fiat currencies, including USD, AUD, CAD, CZK, DKK, EUR, GBP, HKD, NOK, PLN, RUB, SEK, TRY, SGD, THB, PHP, INR, IDR, VND, MYR, AUD, and NZD.

Spot trading, flexible savings, DeFi mining, are several ways AEX Global allows users to participate in the wider crypto space. Investors can use various national sovereign currencies to buy crypto assets.

AEX has been granted MSB licenses for crypto assets in several countries and opened the corresponding fiat currency channels to facilitate access to crypto assets as fiat remains the core area of asset alignment between the crypto world and the traditional financial world.

AEX offers multiple payment methods, such as Visa, Mastercard, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Bank Transfer. Laying out fiat channels in multiple countries has allowed AEX to reach more than 90% of the global population, according to the firm.

Integrating with Banxa and Xanpool is part of the company’s strategy to dock to various market segment payment platforms to include more countries’ currency exchange into its fiat trading area, and gradually reach out to financially vulnerable areas of the world.

The crypto world has been moving at a fast pace and newcomers arrive every other day as retail and institutional adoption keep on growing.

The cryptocurrency market is currently valued at $2.7 trillion and Bitcoin is worth about half of that. Renowned payments platforms are gradually accepting Bitcoin et al., thus enabling consumer adoption on Main Street.

The extreme volatility presented by the asset class still provides more room for trading opportunities rather than interest for the consumption of goods and services paid with crypto.

That is something that only time will tell, namely if prices will eventually stabilize. However, given the sheer amount of tokens available in the market and the lack of underlying value, price consensus is likely to be out of the window.

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