Today in DeFi - Yearn Permissionless Vault Factory, Woo Tokenomics Revamp, ETH Staking Derivative Options, and More...

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Yearn Premissionless Vault Factory

Yearn launches Permissionless Vault Factory, allowing anyone to deploy an auto-compounding yVault for any Curve pool with an active liquidity gauge. Yearn charges a 10% fee on Factory-deployed vaults.

Woo Tokenomics Revamp

Woo Network will revamp its tokenomics with a series of improvements, starting with a 24% token burn and another 545M tokens time-locked in a vesting contract.

Cap V3.1 Public Beta

Cap Finance releases the public beta of its v3.1, enabling cross-margin, dynamic funding, and various order types.

Mantle L2 Testnet Live

Mantle, a modular Ethereum L2 built by BitDAO, launches its testnet and allows devs to sign up for testing/ building dApps.

Ondo Tokenized US Treasuries & Bonds

Ondo will launch various on-chain credit products, starting with three share classes of short-term US treasuries and bonds through ETFs managed by institutions like Blackrock and PIMCO. Investors need to pass KYC and AML screening to subscribe to Ondo’s offerings.

Gemini Teminates Earn

Gemini ended the master loan agreement (MLA) between its customers and Genesis, and emailed customers of its Gemini Earn "This officially terminates the Earn Program and requires Genesis to return all assets outstanding in the program,".

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