Today in DeFi - Visa Lists Alchemy Pay, Aave V3 Ethereum Coming, Wallet Delegation, and More...

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Visa Lists Alchemy Pay

Visa has listed Alchemy Pay, a payments platform, as one of its official service providers. Alchemy Pay is currently able to process fiat payments to purchase cryptocurrencies for Visa cardholders in 173 countries.

Aave V3 Ethereum Coming

Aave is about to release V3 on Ethereum. V3 Ethereum will have 7 initial assets, support eMode for wETH and wstETH, and the interest rate models of v3 will be mostly following v2. A governance proposal is expected to be out this week if the review process goes well.

Dopex OLPs Live

Dopex launches Options Liquidity Pools (OLPs). OLPs allow buyers of SSOV options to exit their position into option liquidity pools at any time in exchange for a discounted price.

Upcoming: Polygon Hardfork

The Polygon PoS chain will have a hardfork upgrade to boost the network performance on Jan 17th. Validators will need to upgrade to keep their nodes in sync, while end users and dApps will not be affected.

Upcoming: Radiant V2

Cross-chain lending protocol Radiant introduced V2. The new version will have improvements on tokenomics and cross-chain borrowing, a higher barrier to entry for emissions, multiple new chain launches, LayerZero OFT implementation, and new mechanics to propel v2’s growth.

Gitcoin Program Alpha Round

Gitcoin is retiring its centralized platform and transitioning to the new grants protocol. The Gitcoin Alpha Round will run from Jan 17-Jan 30, donors will be able to donate to 200 grantees across 3 rounds while helping Gitcoin to test and improve the new protocol.

NFT Gasdrop, Wallet Delegation…

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