Today in DeFi - Trader Joe Integrates LayerZero, Stargate to Re-Issue STG, LP to Earn Funding Rates, and More...

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Trader Joe Integrates LayerZero

Trader Joe has integrated with LayerZero, and JOE is now an ‘omnichain fungible token’ (OFT), meaning users can bridge JOE across Avalanche, Arbitrum, BnB, and more chains to be supported.

Stargate to Re-Issue STG

Stargate passed the vote and will re-issue a new STG and airdrop it to all STG holders. On March 15th, a snapshot would be taken of all user balances, and a new token will be sent to every user on a 1:1 basis.

Aave to Add cbETH

Aave passed the proposal to onboard cbETH to Aave's Ethereum V3 pool. Adding cbETH allows Aave to attract new users and deposits, pre-Shanghai upgrade.

Clearpool 2023 Roadmap

Clearpool releases the 2023 roadmap. Clearpool plans to launch Clearpool Prime, its lending product for institutional investors, and other plans such as support for more assets, Term Pools, ETP, etc.

CowSwap Exploited

CowSwap settlement contract was exploited for $150k. Many recommend revoking approvals, yet CowSwap explains that the lost funds are fees collected by the protocol and the contracts have no access to users’ funds.

LP to Earn Funding Rate…

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