Today in DeFi - SUDO Token Live, Camelot x Redacted Cartel, GLP Strategies, and More...

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SUDO Token Live

Sudoswap launches its governance token, enabling lockdrop, airdrop, and governance participation. SUDO is initially non-transferable, and the transferability will be enabled by a governance vote.

Camelot x Redacted Cartel

Arbitrum-based DEX Camelot announces partnership with Redacted Cartel.
This partnership will be first formed through seeding pxGMX/ETH liquidity on Camelot. Moving forward, Camelot will support future Redacted liquidity on Arbitrum, for example, the $BTFRLY token and future stablecoin $DINERO.

GMD x Trader Joe

GMD, a yield aggregator protocol built on top of GLP & GMX, partners with Trader Joe to build up liquidity for its upcoming launch on Avalanche.

Migrating Friktion to Ribbon

Ribbon will airdrop to Friktion users that migrate their positions to Ribbon before Feb 17th. Friktion is a Solana-based yield protocol that recently announced that it will sunset its platform.

Tokenomics Change, Yield-Bearing Token Vaults, …

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