Today in DeFi - Reserve eUSD Live, Maker Reactivates D3M, Stable Farming on Osmosis, and More...

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Reserve eUSD Live

Reserve launches Electronic Dollar (eUSD) on Ethereum and the MobileCoin chain. eUSD is backed by a basket of stablecoin derivatives (cUSDC, cUSDT, aUSDC, aUSDT) using Compound and Aave, and 100% of the yield that eUSD generates is directed to RSR stakers

Maker Reactivates Aave D3M

MakerDAO reactivated Aave D3M and deployed $5m DAI to the market on Aave V2. The initial debt ceiling is 5m with a target borrow rate of 2%.

Polygon ID Release

Polygon releases the Polygon ID infrastructure stack, enabling devs/projects to utilize the tools and integrate identity solutions into their products.

Cat-in-a-Box Live

Dynamic lending protocol Cat-in-a-Box is now live on Ethereum. Users can deposit stETH to mint and borrow boxETH for further uses while earning yields.

Conic Omnipools Live

Conic launches Omnipools for the Curve ecosystem. Omnipools enables LPs to diversify their exposure across Curve and Convex. LPs can earn $CNC in addition to CRV and CVX rewards.

Thales Staking on Arbitrum

Parimutuel markets protocol Thales launches staking on Arbitrum with a gamified rewarding approach. Besides staking, Thales also launches an incentivized THALES/ETH pool on Camelot.

Liquidity Incentives, Stable Farming on Osmosis, …

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