Today in DeFi - Polygon PoS Hardfork Live, Premia V3 Whitepaper, Yield Trading, and More...

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Polygon PoS Hardfork Live

Polygon has upgraded its PoS chain. The upgrade helps reduce the frequency and depth of reorgs, and improve transaction finality.ย 

Premia V3 Whitepaper

Options protocol Premia releases the V3 whitepaper. V3 updates include a Concentrated liquidity AMM, Margin for sellers provided by lenders earning interest, Vaults for set-and-forget strategies, and the RFQ network to improve liquidity in less liquid options.

Swell Network Upgrading

Liquid staking protocol Swell which is currently in a guarded launch, will upgrade its swETH token and release new features such as swETH yield optimization vaults, DeFi integrations, etc. ETH staking deposits will launch in late Q1.

Alchemy Supports Apple Pay

Crypto payments platform Alchemy now supports Apple Pay, allowing users to buy cryptos on mobiles using credit/debit cards.

Temp Check: Uni V3 on BnB

Uniswap governance is running a temperature check on deploying v3 to the BnB chain. The vote started yesterday and currently has a support rate of 98.6%

UNI LM on Optimism, Yield Tradingโ€ฆ

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