Today in DeFi - Pendle Live on Arbitrum, Ethereum Account Abstraction, Farming on Polygon, and More...

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Pendle Live on Arbitrum

Yield tokenization protocol Pendle expands to Arbitrum. Pendle also integrated with GMX to support its LP token GLP.

Ethereum Account Abstraction

EIP-4337 is now live on the Ethereum mainnet. The EIP enables Account Abstraction - a standard for giving wallets smart contract functionality.
This enables more use cases such as having multiple wallets control an account, connecting with a third party for recovery, etc.

Shanghai Coming to Goerli

Ethereum devs are targeting March 14 for the Shapella implementation on the Goerli testnet. If that goes over smoothly, Shanghai on the mainnet can be expected during the 2nd week of April.

UMA Staking Live

UMA protocol completes the migration of the Data Verification Mechanism(DVM) to 2.0. The DVM upgrade aims to re-work core parts of UMA's tokenomics, starting with enabling UMA staking.

Li.Fi launches Dex Aggregator

Cross chain aggregator Li.Fi launched Jumper, a dex aggregator. Jumper supports over 30 Dexes on 20+ chains, and joins Defillama and Mean Finance in the increasingly competitive Dex Aggregator space.

Gitcoin Grants Stack

Gitcion launches Gitcoin Grants Stack, a suite of tools built that enable communities or DAOs to create/manage a grants program. Devs will also be able to use it to build dApps/extend functionalities.

Farming on Polygon…

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