Today in DeFi - Optimism Bedrock Coming, Pirex for GMX Live, Interest Rate Derivatives, and More...

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Optimism Bedrock Coming

Optimism Foundation proposed Bedrock, the next upgrade to Optimism that will bring improvements to the network including transaction costs, throughput characteristics, and sync speeds.

Pirex for GMX Live

Redacted Cartel launches Pirex for GMX (liquid wrapper for staked GMX and staked GLP). Users are now able to deposit GMX and/or GLP and receive either pxGMX or pxGLP that earn yield as if the underlying tokens were max staked on GMX natively.

Threshold tBTC v2 Live

Threshold (merger protocol of NuCypher & Keep Network) launches tBTC bridge v2, allowing users to mint and bridge tBTC between Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Ethereum Zhejiang Testnet Live

Etheruem launches the Zhejiang testnet, and will implement the testnet version of Shanghai/Capella upgrade on Zhejinag at epoch 1350 (~6days after the testnet launch).

Damus App Live

Built by Jack Dorsey, Damus is a web3 social app running on Nostr, a decentralized social protocol based on cryptographic key pairs. Most implementations of Nostr support Bitcoin payments over Bitcoin’s Lightning Network.

Token Reissuance, Interest Rate Derivatives, …

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