Today in DeFi - Nexus Mutual V2 Live, Sovryn DLLR, Staked ETH Index Token, and More...

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Nexus Mutual V2 Live

Nexus Mutual launches V2, enabling the launch of staking pools, third-party integration, tokenized cover, and improved UX.

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Sovryn DLLR Live

Bitcoin sidechain-based lending protocol Soveryn launches DLLR, a stablecoin comprised of two bitcoin-backed USD tokens (DOC and ZUSD).

Shanghai Mainnet

The ADCE call ended yesterday, and devs have confirmed the launch of the Shanghai mainnet upgrade to be on April 12 at 10:27 PM UTC.

Maker Putting More Into Treasuries

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Maker @MakerDAO
Maker Governance approved an extension from $500 million to $1.25 billion for its US Treasury investments 🗳️… In this process, MakerDAO would use $750 million of USDC in the PSM to acquire more US Treasury bonds, thus diversifying DAI's liquid backing.

MakerDAO passed the $750m increment on US treasury investments.

Protocol Expansion, Staked ETH Index Token, …

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