Today in DeFi - Nexo Under Investigation, SEC Charges Gemini & Genesis, Zero-Liquidation Loans, and More...

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Nexo Under Investigation

Crypto lender Nexo is facing an investigation from Bulgarian prosecutors on alleged illegal activities, including money laundering, tax offenses, banking without a license, and computer fraud.

SEC Charges Gemini and Genesis

SEC charges Genesis and Gemini for selling unregistered securities through Gemini’s Earn program.

Polygon Hardfork, Nothing Phone Launch

Polygon will launch a hard-fork upgrade on Jan 17th to boost performance by addressing the issues of gas spikes and chain reorganizations (reorgs).

Meanwhile, Nothing Phone launches a beta membership program for US users. Nothing Phone partnered with Polygon to integrate Polygon’s tech and allow users to access web3 dApps on mobile.

Coinbase Joins RocketPool oDAO

Coinbase announces that its venture arm is joining RocketPool’s governance.

NFTX Upgrades Routing

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The Core team at NFTX has just pushed through 0x routing on, now sourcing liquidity from almost all AMMs, lowering slippage on orders significantly!
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Huge update for @NFTX_: 0x routing is now live. The NFTX marketplace now sources liquidity from (almost) everywhere, not just Sushi. This means a once dead pool, $GLYPH, is now very much alive, thanks to a concentrated LP on Uniswap V3.

NFT index funds protocol NFTX upgrades its routing and now sources liquidity from more AMMs, offering lower slippage on NFT orders.

Options Collateral Management Upgrade, Zero-Liquidation Loans…

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