Today in DeFi - Myso v1 Live, Flare L1 Live, L2 airdrops, and More...

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Myso v1 Live

Zero-liquidation lending protocol Myso launches V1 on Ethereum, with the initial rETH/wETH pool live for lenders and borrowers. Myso also launched gated LP program and a referral program for users.

Flare L1 Live

L1 oracle network Flare launches its mainnet and the first token distribution. Flare has two core protocols State Connector and FTSO, allowing devs to build interoperable dApps using data from other chains.

Lumina Live on Solana

Lumina Labs launches its query tool on Solana, allowing users to understand what happens under the hood of a transaction with visualized data. Lumina also provides developer tools for devs to access information and debug testes.

GumBall Live

GunBall protoocl, a DeFi NFT creation and trading platform, is now live on Arbitrum. NFT collections created on GumBall will have corresponding ERC-20 tokens that create liquidity for the collection holders to utilize.

AWS x Avalanche

Avalanche partners with AWS to boost enterprise blockchain adoption through supporting Avalanche’s infrastructure and dApp ecosystem.

NFT Lockdrop, Modular L2…

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