Today in DeFi - Mean Finance on Ethereum, Gamma Strategies on Arbitrum, Strategy for the Calm Market, and More...

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Mean Finance Live on Ethereum

Previously on Polygon and L2s, DCA protocol Mean Finance is now available on Ethereum, offering DCA tools with MEV-protected & gasless swaps.

Gamma Strategies on Arbitrum

Uniswap V3 liquidity management protocol Gamma Strategies launches on Arbitrum, supporting new pairs for Arbitrum-based assets.

Synquote Testnet on Arbitrum

Polygon-based Options trading platform Synquote launches testnet beta on Arbitrum.

Timeswap V2 Testnet Live

Polygon-based lending AMM Timeswap launches V2 testnet, allowing testers to compete on maximizing returns to win the prizes.

Upcoming Stablecoin, Strategy for the Calm Market…

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