Today in DeFi - LsETH Live, Compound V3 on Polygon, Yield Vaults on Optimism, and More...

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LsETH Live

Liquid Collective launches lsETH, an ETH staking service that provides KYC/AML compliance. LsETH is now supported on Coinbase Prime and Bitcoin Suisse.

Compound V3 on Polygon

Compound V3 is now live on Polygon, allowing users to borrow USDC using major assets as collateral.

MakerDAO to Extend US Treasury Investments

MakerDAO community proposes to increase the investments in US treasury bonds from 500m to 1.25b.

Trader Joe Live on BnB Chain

Trader Joe is now live on BnB Chain, supporting markets BUSD, USDT, USDC, BNB, BTC.b, ETH, JOE, and CAKE.

EAS Live

Ethereum Attestation Sevicve (EAS) is now live on the mainnet. EAS acts as a bridge between the Ethereum network and an external source of trust to verify the validity of transactions and blocks on the network.

Proposal on Token Model, Yield Optimized Vaults on Optimism, and more…

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