Today in DeFi - Lido V2 Coming, Zhejiang Shapella Live, Social Trading, and More...

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Lido V2 Coming

Lido introduces V2 which will bring two major upgrades:

Staking Router: A new modular architecture that allows anyone (incl. solo stakers) to become a Node Operator.

Withdrawals: An upgrade allowing stETH holders to withdraw directly from the Beacon Chain.

Zhejiang Shapella Live

The Shapella upgrade is activated on the Zhejiang testnet, meaning the testnet successfully simulated withdrawals of staked ETH for the first time.
Zhejiang is the first of three testnets to run through a simulation of Shanghai. The next testnet upgrade will happen sometime in the next few weeks to Sepolia, followed by Goerli.

Cryptex JPEGz Live

Index tokens protocol Cryptex launches JPEGz on Arbitrum. JPEGz is an NFT index token that tracks the total market cap of the top 10 NFT collections.

PlutusDAO x Camelot

Arbitru-based governance aggregator PlutusDAO announces partnership with Camelot. Plutus will move pools over to Camelot, and Plutus LPs will get rewards in both xGRAIL, GRAIL, and trading fees in addition to PLS emissions.

Dell Joins Hedera Council

Tech giant Dell will join the likes of Google, FIS, and Abrdn on the governing council of the enterprise network Hedera, a distributed ledger technology that uses a hashgraph consensus mechanism.

Sandbox x Saudi Arabia DGA

Metaverse project Sandbox and Saudi Arabia DGA (authority concerned with everything related to digital government) signed an agreement to collaborate on metaverse projects, but without revealing details.

Portfolio Management & Social Trading…

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