Today in DeFi - Insrt Live, Vader Shutting Down, On-Chain DCA, and More...

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Insrt Live

NFTfi yield protocol Insrt launches on Ethereum. The first deployed vault type is ShardVault, which allows users to take a directional bet that the price of a bluechip NFT collection goes up and farm yield passively.

Vader Shutting Down

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Vader @VaderProtocol
We are sunsetting Vader Protocol:… Existing $VADER and $USDV holders, please visit the webapp to redeem the treasury: For all technical issues related to the claim, please check in at the <vader> channel on Discord.

Stablecoin protocol Vader announces the plan to shut down as the team found no notable breakthrough in the algorithmic stablecoin design that is capital efficient.
The Vader dApp will be available until June 2023 for redemptions.

BitDAO Purchase Program

BitDAO community is voting on a proposal to spend $100m USDT from the treasury to buy back the token. The vote is closing on the 31st and is likely to pass.

Stacks sBTC

Bitcoin L2 network Stacks announces sBTC, a two-way pegged BTC that works similarly to wBTC (wrapped Bitcoin) but without any custodian.

On-chain DCA Tool…

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