Today in DeFi - IndexCoop gtcETH Live, Maverick v1 Live, Tranched LPing, and More...

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IndexCoop gtcETH Live

IndexCoop launches gtcETH, a staked ETH index with diversified allocation on RockerPool rETH, Lido stETH, and StakeWise sETH2.

Maverick v1 Live

Maverick v1 is now live on Ethereum. Maverick AMM automates the concentration of liquidity as price moves to increase capital efficiency.

Instadapp Avocado

Instadapp launches the Avacado wallet. Avacado provides network, gas, and account abstraction, enabling use cases such as batching transactions, unified cross-chain executions, unified gas paying, etc.

Numoen Live on Celo and Arbitrum

Numoen, an oracle-less leverage trading platform, is now live on Celo and Arbitrum. Numoen allows users to create a long or short market on any token.

Iron Bank Unpaused Alpha Homora

Iron Bank now allows user withdrawals on Optimism, Avalanche, and Fantom after pausing Alpha Homora accounts for a week.

DeFi Llama Browser Extension

DeFi Llama launches a browser extension that allows users to access more information on Etherscan, including wallet tags, coin prices, and an icon that helps identify scam sites.

Staked ETH Withdrawal Coming, Tranched LPing,…

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