Today in DeFi - Hedera HTS Exploit, Convex Live on Polygon, Low-Risk Yield, and More...

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Hedera HTS Exploit

Attackers exploited Hedera and transferred away tokens from dApps using the Hedera Token Service (HTS). Hedera turned off mainnet proxies while the team is working on a solution.

Convex Live on Polygon

Convex is now live on Polyon. Initial pools including aMATICb+WMATIC, axlUSDC+USDC, CRV+amDAI+amUSDC+amUSD+amWBTC+amWETH, etc.

Kwenta Lists Options

Kwenta integrates options liquidity on Lyra and now enables options trading/LPing on Optimism and Arbitrum.

WooFi Cross-chain Swaps

WooFi integrates with Stargate and now supports cross-chain swaps across seven chains. WooFi also added new features that allow users to specify different recipient addresses on the destination chain and grab a small number of the destination chain’s native tokens as gas.

New Deployments, Low-Risk Yields, …

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