Today in DeFi - Gemzy Vaults Live, Harpie ON-chain 2FA, Cosmos L1 Airdrop, and More...

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Gemzy Vaults Live

NFT ownership sharing protocol Gemzy is live with a few vaults available. Gemzy vaults allow a group of participants to pool ETH and purchase NFTs through the Opensea platform, or directly OTC, and split ownership of the purchased NFT among participants based on the % of ETH they contributed to the purchase.

Harpie On-chain 2FA

Harpie launches Eagle RPC, allowing users to enable 2FA for their existing wallets. Eagle is in beta and only available to a group of testers at the moment.

StarkNet Wallet Udpates

StarkNet will release wallet improvements in the coming weeks and is reminding users to pay attention to their wallet providers on wallet updating.

Linux Foundation OMF

Linux Foundation, a nonprofit focused on fostering innovation through open source, has established the Open Metaverse Foundation (OMF) for metaverse standards

Cosmos L1 Airdrop, Stable Farms, and More…

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