Today in DeFi - Flashbots MEV-Share, Kava 12 Live, Borrow to Earn, and More...

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Flashbots MEV-Share

Research firm Flashbots proposes MEV-Share, a matchmaking protocol that shares MEV (Maximal Extractable Value) gains with Ethereum users.
According to the proposal, MEV-Share would be an early implementation of SUAVE, which is a blockchain that would aim to decentralize the block-building process.

Kava 12 Live

Cosmos-based L1 Kava launches version 12. The upgrade enables any Cosmos chain DAO to have more control and flexibility over their emissions.

OHM Lending Markets Live

OHM lending markets are now live on Silo and Euler, enabling users to borrow OHM to leverage/hedge investments.

zkSync Era Mainnet

ZK rollup protocol zkSync renames its 2.0 to Era and now allows registered projects to deploy on the zkEVM mainnet.

Conflux x China Telecom

PoS/PoW hybrid L1 Conflux partners with China Telecom to launch blockchain-enabled SIM cards (BSIMs). China Telecom will launch the first BSIM pilot program in Hong Kong later this year.

Token Transferability, Borrow to Earn, and More…

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