Today in DeFi - Fantom Gas Monetization, Celsius Owns Account Assets, Own and Earn on Bluechip NFTs, and More...

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Fantom Voted For Gas Monetization

Fantom governance passed the gas monetization proposal, in which Fantom will reduce the burn rate from 20% to 5%, and redirect the 15% to incentivize usage/transactions of Fantom dApps.

Celsius Owns Account Assets

The Judge of the Celsius bankruptcy case ruled that the funds deposited to Earn Accounts, which amount to $4.2 billion, are the property of Celsius, not the investors.

Juno Pauses Buying Service

Juno, an on/off-ramp crypto platform, has disabled its crypto buying service and recommends users withdraw their funds to self-custody to potentially avoid being affected by the Wyre shutdown.

Bebop Live on Arbitrum

Batch-swapping DEX Bebop expands from Ethereum and Polygon to Arbitrum.

Own and Earn on Bluechip NFTs…

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