Today in DeFi - Dopex stETH SSOV, Leveraged Trading Aggregator on Arbitrum, and More...

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Dopex stETH SSOV

Dopex partners with Lido to launch the stETH SSOV (Single Staking Option Vault). Users can deposit wstETH into strikes providing liquidity into option pools to earn yield in premiums and rewards.

Pangolin AVAX FTM Cross-chain Swap

Avalanche-based DEX Pangolin enables cross-chain swaps for native AVAX and FTM between Avalanche and Fantom.

Avi Charged by CFTC

Arrested Mango Market exploiter Avraham Eisenberg was charged by the CFTC for market manipulation.

Proposal of Lending Module, Leveraged Trading Aggregator on Arbitrum…

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