Today in DeFi - Connext Amarok Live, Synthetix V3 Coming, Auto-Compounding Yield, and More...

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Connext Amarok Live

Bridging protocol Connext launches Amarok. This upgrade enables developers to build crossrollup apps that directly rely on the security of Ethereum. Users can now access the bridge UI, passively LP for the ecosysteum by depositing USDC & ETH, or actively by running a router.

Voting: Synthetix V3

Synthetix governance is voting to launch V3. The new version will have a modular mechanism supporting multi-collateral staking, customizable debt positions, and permissionless synths.

Shardeum Sphinx Live

EVM=bsed L1 Shardeum launches Sphinx, the public testnet before the mainnet going live. On Sphinx, validators can run a node and stake test SHM, devs can build/run test app, and users can participate to earn bounties & rewards.

Membrane EUROe Live

Finnish fintech company Membrane Finance launches EUROe on Etheruem (later on Solana, Polygon, and Arbitrum. EUROe is claimed to be Europe’s first EU-regulated full-reserve stablecoin.

Proposal on Project Future, Auto-Compounding Yield, …

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