Today in DeFi - Coinbase L2, Synthetix V3 Live, Innovative Perp Trading, and More...

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Coinbase L2

Coniabse launched the testnet of Base, an Ethereum L2 built with the OP stack. The team does not plan to launch any token but announces the Base Ecosystem Fund to support early-stage projects building on Base.

Synthetix V3 Deployed

Synthetix deployed V3 on Ethereum mainnet and Optimism after audits.
The current deployment does not have any markets attached to it yet, the primary function is generating a collateralized debt position as a dollar-denominated stablecoin that will be used in integrated markets.

Polygon SVM

Rollup provider Eclipse announces Polygon SVM, a Solana-compatible L2 running on Polygon. The testnet will launch by the end of Q1, with the mainnet coming in the summer.

Audius x TikTok

Web3 music streaming platform Audius integrates TikTok, and Audius users can link their TikTok profiles and use the streaming service’s songs in their videos on the social media platform.

Synthetic BTC, Stake to Earn on Arbitrum, …

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