Today in DeFi - Blur Token Launch, Pendulum Live, Passive Yield on Stablecoin, and More...

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Blur Token Live

NFT marketplace Blur launched its native token BLUR and airdropped 360m of tokens to the participants of the season 1 campaign. Season 2 also began and traders can earn points for future rewards by bidding/listing NFTs on the marketplace.

Pendulum Live

Pendulum parachain is now live on Polkadot mainnet. Developed by SatoshiPay, Pendulum is a fiat-optimized chain that allows traditional fiat service providers to integrate with DeFi applications.

Polygon zkEVM Beta Coming

Polygon announced the upcoming launch of the zkEVM beta on March 27th.

Bribes Coming to Uni V3 manager

Redacted Cartel is voting to launch a Hidden Hand market for Timeless Bunni. If passed, Bunni and Hidden Hand can jointly make LPing on Uniswap more profitable.

Proposals on Treasury Holdings, Passive Yield on Stablecoin, …

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