Today in DeFi - Avalanche NFTs on Shopify, Trader Joe Coming to BnB Chain, Uni V3 LP Strategies, and More...

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Avalanche NFTs on Shopify

Shopify merchants can now mint NFTs on Avalanche and list NFTs on their stores for sale, instead of directing visitors to OpenSea or Magic Eden.

Trader Joe Coming to BnB Chain

Avalanche-based trading platform Trader Joe will deploy its DEX and NFT marketplace to the BnB chain by the end of March.

Kava 12 Launching

Kava sets to launch the 12th upgrade on Jan 19th, focusing on enhancements of governance and the DAO.

StarkWare Cairo 1.0

StarkNet releases the first public version of Cairo 1.0. Cairo is a programming language for building STARK-provable programs and L2 applications.

Token Launch, LP Strategies, and More…

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