Today in DeFi - ARB Drop Live, Do Kwon Arrested, ZK Chains Launching, and More...

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ARB Drop Live

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Arbitrum (💙,🧡) @arbitrum
Reminder: Only use the website to claim your $ARB 💙🧡 This is the safest way to claim, and you'll be able to vote for your favorite ecosystem delegate! The Arbitrum Foundation is excited to begin this new era of on-chain governance with the ecosystem.

Arbitrum airdrop went live and eligible users will have 6 months to claim.
According to Nansen’s public ARB dashboard, almost 80% of the airdrop tokens have been claimed, and over 60% of claimers have claimed their shares.

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Do Kwon Arrested

Do Kwon, the key person behind the Terra LUNA, was reportedly arrested Thursday at an airport in Montenegro after he was caught using falsified documents to evade capture.

Telegram USDT Transfers

Telegram now supports TRC-20 USDT, allowing users to buy/sell/transfer USDT using the in-app wallet bot.

Sudoswap On-Chain Royalties

According to a new team member who joined Sudoswap recently, Sudoswap’s next iteration will introduce on-chain royalties and ERC1155 support.

Project Acquisition, Zk Chains Launching, and More…

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