Today in DeFi - Acala EVM Live, Chiliz L1 Live, NFT Market Cap Token, and More...

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Flux Finance Live

Flux Finance, a lending project that connects US treasuries with DeFi, is live. Users can either deposit stablecoins to earn yield, or put US treasuries (OUSG) as collateral to borrow against.

Acala EVM+

Acala launches the EVM+ mainnet, an evm compatible chain running on Polkadot’s modular blockchain framework, Substrate

Chiliz L1 Live

Chilliz launched its EVM-compatible L1 and the genesis block was produced.
The Chiliz Chain focuses on the sports industry and fan tokens.

Mellow Live on Polygon

Liquidity management & strategy protocol Mellow is now live on Polygon and deployed two strategies for BOB pairs. BOB is a stablecoin with privacy features.

Potential Threat to Crypto Staking

Coinbase CEO tweets about SEC potentially banning crypto staking in the US. If true, retail customers are likely to leave regulated service providers like Coinbase for decentralized staking solutions.

Umami Soft Rug

A core dev/CEO from Umami Finance seems to be dumping coins while the withdrawal function is disabled on the interface. The rest of the team seems to be still working on the project and planning to move forward without the (former) CEO.

Bluechip Lending Product, NFT Index Token, and More…

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