Today in DeFi - Aave GHO on Testnet, Silo on Arbtirum, Meta DEX Aggregator, and More...

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Aave GHO on Testnet

Aave launched its stablecoin GHO on the Ethereum testnet Goerli. The GHO code has been audited and is available on Github.

Silo Live on Arbitrum

Lending protocol Silo launched on Arbitrum, initially supporting risk-isolated markets for DPX, UMAMI, and MAGIC.

Camelot x Lyra

Camelot announced the partnership with Lyra. Users can now provide liquidity on Camelot and deposit LP tokens on Lyra to earn incentives.

LocalBitcoins Closure

LocalBitcoins, a P2P bitcoin marketplace, announced its closure after 10+ years operation. Customers are suggested to withdraw funds in the next 12 months.

Kraken Discontinues Staking Service

The SEC charged Kraken staking program’s with an illegal offer and sale of securities. Kraken entities agreed to cease offering of its staking programs and pay $30m to settle SEC charges.

OP Drop #2

Optimsim distributed 11.7m OP to 300k eligible addresses that have delegated the voting power of their OP tokens and/or spent more than $6.10 on L2 gas since March 25, 2022.

Market Moving Proposals, Meta DEX Aggreagator, …

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