Main pros of MetaTrader 4: how to integrate it

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The Forex market is among the most promising instruments for traders. The average daily trading volume exceeds $7 billion which explains why the market attracts new participants. Professional traders leverage trading platforms that simplify the process. Meta Trader 4 (MT 4) is considered one of the most in-demand platforms. What are the main pros of this platform?

What is MetaTrader 4: platform overview

The MT4 trading platform is a convenient and straightforward platform for buying and selling different assets, indicator-based technical analysis, trading systems testing, etc. MetaTrader 4 includes three regimes of operation execution and 8 types of orders (2 market types, 2 stop orders, and 4 more pending ones). This said the instrument adjusts to a wide range of trading strategies, including the more complicated ones.

MetaTrader 4 offers powerful analytical instruments, enabling traders to provide a profound analysis of rate fluctuation. Furthermore, users may choose 9 timeframes for each financial instrument. Interactive charts, 23 analytical objects, and 30 inbuilt technical indicators help traders fix the smallest change of a price to come up with a timely decision.

A list of principal advantages of MetaTrader 4

Why is MT4 one of the most popular platforms? MT 4 has the following pros:

The overall number of trading tools to leverage exceeds 100; this is why the platform makes the trading process more effective for both newcomers and professional traders. MT4 is compatible with all online libraries, users’ indicators, and expert advisors. MT4 is available for PCs and mobile devices based on Android or iOS. Users may block different positions and manage several accounts through this trading platform. MT4 is straightforward to use, while some features can be customized by certain traders.

Aside from diverse advantages for users, MT4 integration is a simple way for brokers to succeed in the Forex market.

Ways to integrate MetaTrader 4 

Becoming a Forex broker is a process that contains numerous pitfalls, while the integration of a powerful and time-tested trading platform cuts through the hurdles. There are two ways of integration:

License purchase. A broker gets the trading platform with API to exploit all its advantages. Application Program Interface allows brokers to add plugins and get additional functionality. Furthermore, broker companies are entirely independent in this case. MetaTrader White Label solution. The WL solution is essentially MT4 rental. Other brokers that have purchased the license offer newcomer participants to get the best functionality and jump-start on the Forex market.

According to statistics, 85% of newcomer brokers prefer the WL solution. First of all, the licensed MT4 cost is about $120 000 – such a high level of expense is impossible for inexperienced brokers. Furthermore, the WL solution provides you with the support of a powerful and trusted company.

For instance, B2Broker is a leading company, offering brokers innovative and effective solutions (including MT 4) to fast-forward their businesses to a brand new level.

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