Last Week in DeFi - zkSync Era Mainnet, Arbitrum Airdrop, Do Kwon Arrested, and More...

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Product Launches 🚀

zkSync Era Mainnet Alpha
Ethereum L2 zkSync Era (zkSync 2.0) is now live on mainnet. The upgrade enables greater scalability, support for EVM smart contracts, and native account abstraction. The team plans to potentially launch a token in ~1 year when the project is ready to go decentralized.

LooksRare Aggregator Live

NFT marketplace LooksRare launched an aggregator that has OpenSea integrations and supports bulk buys.

Magic Eden on Bitcoin
Multichain NFT marketplace Magic Eden expands to Bitcoin, allowing users to trade Bitcoin NFTs without paying royalties (for now).

Fantom fWallet
Fantom releases fWallet with features such as FTM delegation, governance proposal creation, multichain bridging, etc.

Quasar Mainnet Live
Cosmos-based asset management protocol Quasar is live on mainnet with support for Osmosis vaults. Quasar vaults allow users to access Interchain DeFi by combining and automating the products of various other Cosmos protocols.

Project Updates 🚩

Arbitrum Airdrop
Arbitrum airdrop went live and eligible users will have 6 months to claim.
According to Nansen’s public ARB dashboard, over 86% of the airdrop tokens have been claimed, and over 70% of claimers have claimed their shares.

Telegram USDT Transfers
Telegram now supports TRC-20 USDT, allowing users to buy/sell/transfer USDT using the in-app wallet bot.

Balancer Live on Gnosis Chain
Balancer has been deployed on the Gnosis Chain. Initially, four Balancer gauges will launch to bootstrap liquidity on Gnosis, incentivizing boosted pools on Agave.

Numoen Live on Polygon
Power perpetual DEX Numoen, previously live on Celo and Arbiturm, is now expanded to Polygon.

Perpetual Hot Tub Vaults
Perpetual protocol launches Hot Tub - arbitrage vaults that let users earn low-risk yields on USDC and ETH. Users need to subscribe to the whitelist before being able to make deposits.

Governance Highlights 📝

dHedge to Acquire mStable
The mStable community has passed the vote to accept dHedge’s offer to acquire the protocol. dHedhe will integrate mStable to provide new yield products.

MakerDAO Endgame Plan
MakerDAO founder Rune Clarified his Endgame plan with three main focuses: Clear and Specific Rules, Governance Participation Incentives, and SubDAOs.

Hacks/Issues 👾

Do Kwon Arrested
Do Kwon, the key person behind the Terra LUNA, was reportedly arrested Thursday at an airport in Montenegro after he was caught using falsified documents to evade capture.

Coinbase Received SEC Wells Notice
The SEC sent a Wells notice to Coinabse regarding Coinbase's listed digital assets, including staking service Coinbase Earn, Coinbase Prime, and Coinbase Wallet after a cursory investigation.

Sushi Served SEC Subpeona
Sushiswap and its CEO Jared Grey recently served an SEC subpoena. Jared proposed to launch a Legal Defense Fund, requesting a $3m allocation to cover legal expenses.

Llama Drama Resolved
The DL team has reached an agreement on the token decision (there won’t be a token nor an airdrop) and all links are now redirecting to the original domain and products.

Upcoming ⏳

Polygon zkEVM
Polygon is releasing the zkEVM mainnet beta on March 27.

Immutable zkEVM
Immutable X partners with Polygon to create a new zkEVM chain dedicated to Web3 gaming powered by Polygon’s zkEVM tech.

The team also reveals plans for IMX token utility, including using IMX as the native gas token of Immutable zkEVM and expanding the current fee utility to all new zkEVMs on Polygon.

EVM Coming to Zilliqa
L1 blockchain Zilliqa will bring EVM compatibility to the network on April 25th.

Sui Mainnet Coming Q2
SUI team announced the upcoming launch of SUI mainnet in Q2, and Wave to Mainnet - a series of events and content will be launched to introduce SUI to users.

Gotchichain Coming Q3
NFT-based gaming project Aavegotchi will launch its own chain in Q3 utilizing Polygon Supernets tech, which allows the creation of application-specific chains.

Sudoswap On-Chain Royalties
According to a new team member who joined Sudoswap recently, Sudoswap’s next iteration will introduce on-chain royalties and ERC1155 support.

Cardano Djed Going Multichain
Cardano plans to expand and launch its stablecoin Djed on Ethereum and BnB chain.

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