Last Week in DeFi - Uniswap Wallet Live, Cross-chain vePENDLE, Alpha Homora Iron Bank Drama, and More...

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Product Launches 🚀

Uniswap Wallet Live
Uniswap launches its mobile wallet, enabling asset swapping and transferring on mobile. The current version is available for iOS users through TestFlight distribution.

Reserve eUSD Live
Reserve launched Electronic Dollar (eUSD) on Ethereum and the MobileCoin chain. eUSD is backed by a basket of stablecoin derivatives (cUSDC, cUSDT, aUSDC, aUSDT) using Compound and Aave, and 100% of the yield that eUSD generates is directed to RSR stakers

Li.Fi DEX Aggregator
Cross-chain aggregator Li.Fi launched Jumper, a dex aggregator. Jumper supports over 30 Dexes on 20+ chains, and joins Defillama and Mean Finance in the increasingly competitive Dex Aggregator space.

Cat-in-a-Box Live
Dynamic lending protocol Cat-in-a-Box is now live on Ethereum. Users can deposit stETH to mint and borrow boxETH for further uses while earning yields.

Conic Omnipools Live
Conic launches Omnipools for the Curve ecosystem. Omnipools enables LPs to diversify their exposure across Curve and Convex. LPs can earn $CNC in addition to CRV and CVX rewards.

UMA Staking Live
UMA protocol completes the migration of the Data Verification Mechanism(DVM) to 2.0. The DVM upgrade aims to re-work core parts of UMA's tokenomics, starting with enabling UMA staking.

Thales Staking Live on Arbitrum
Parimutuel markets protocol Thales launches staking on Arbitrum with a gamified rewarding approach. Besides staking, Thales also launches an incentivized THALES/ETH pool on Camelot.

Privacy Pools on Optimism
Early Tonado Cash contributor Ameen forked Tornado Cash and launched another mixer protocol Privacy Pools on Optimism.

Project Updates 🚩

Pendle Arbitrum, Cross-chain vePENDLE
Pendle expands to Arbitrum, supporting GMX’s LP token GLP. Pendle also introduces cross-chain veTokenomics, allowing users to sync vePENDLE balance, vote, and boost rewards across supported chains.

Ethereum Account Abstraction Live
EIP-4337 is now live on the Ethereum mainnet. The EIP enables Account Abstraction - a standard for giving wallets smart contract functionality.
This enables more use cases such as having multiple wallets control an account, connecting with a third party for recovery, etc.

Polygon ID Release
Polygon releases the Polygon ID infrastructure stack, enabling devs/projects to utilize the tools and integrate identity solutions into their products.

MakerDAO Reactivates Aave
MakerDAO reactivated Aave D3M and deployed $5m DAI to the market on Aave V2. The initial debt ceiling is 5m with a target borrowing rate of 2%.

StakeWise V3 Testnet
LSD protocol StakeWise launches Atlantic, a closed testnet for its upcoming V3.

Gitcoin Grants Stack
Gitcion launches Gitcoin Grants Stack, a tool suite that enables communities or DAOs to create/manage a grants program. Devs can also use it to build dApps or extend its functionalities.

WrappedBTC on Cardano
Cardano-based bitcoin wrapper protocol anetaBTC minted the first cBTC on Cardano.

Hacks/Issues 👾

Alpha Homora Iron Bank Drama
Lending protocol Iron Bank tweeted last week that it has locked user deposits of Alpha Homora over its failure to settle almost $32m of bad debt.
ALPHA is used as collateral on Iron Bank, and the token value dropped due to the Crypto Winter. Now the collateral is worth only $6m, making Alpha Homora’s debt to Iron Bank undercollateralized.

Upcoming ⏳

Shanghai on Goerli
Ethereum devs are targeting March 14 for the Shapella implementation on the Goerli testnet. If that goes over smoothly, Shanghai on the mainnet can be expected during the 2nd week of April.

RocketPool Atlas Upgrade
Rocket Pool is set to launch the next upgrade Atlas around March/early April. The upgrade will make RocketPool compatible with Ethereum’s Shanghai upgrade and cut node operator ETH requirements to just 8.

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