Last Week in DeFi - Radiant V2 Live, Cosmos Replicated Security, Forking DeFiLlama, and More...

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Product Launches 🚀

Radiant V2 Live
Cross-chain lending protocol Radiant launches V2. V2 introduces gated emissions for LP lockers, cross-chain borrowing, improved UI/UX, new chain support, LayerZero OFT implementation, and extended emissions to 2027.

Nexus Mutual V2 Live
Nexus Mutual launches V2, enabling the launch of staking pools, third-party integration, tokenized cover, and improved UX.

FVM Live on Filecoin
The Filecoin Virtual Machine (FVM) is now live, enabling programmability on the Filecoin network, and kicking off the final step of the Filecoin Masterplan.

Sovryn DLLR Live
Bitcoin sidechain-based lending protocol Soveryn launches DLLR, a stablecoin comprised of two bitcoin-backed USD tokens (DOC and ZUSD).

Project Updates 🚩

Replicated Security Live on Cosmos
The Cosmos v9-Lambda Upgrade is completed and Replicated Security (the first version of Interchain Security) is live. The upgrade will benefit the consumer chains with additional security and ATOM stakers will have more staking rewards.

Uniswap Live on BnB Chain
Uniswap is now on the BnB chain with Wormhole as the designated bridge.

Shapella Live on Goerli
The Ethereum Shapella fork (withdrawals) went live on Goerli with all validators finalized. The mainnet launch date will be discussed in the next ACDE call on Thursday.

Stacks V2.1 Upgrade
Stacks activated the V2.0 upgrade, introducing staking improvements, new Clarity functions, improved bridging, and support for Bitcoin native assets.

EOS $20m Investments
The EOS Network Venture will invest 20m to support EOS EVM and GameFi projects.

STRDY Airdrop
Lending protocol Sturdy enables token claims for eligible users, including users of partner projects Aura, Convex, and Yearn, top 500 DegenScore Beacon holders, and Sturdy community members.

EU to Regulate Smart Contracts
The EU Parliament passes Data Act including smart contract regulation. “Smart contract developers may need to design reset possibilities to allow termination or interruption of transactions.”

The legislation will now travel into trialogue negotiations, where each EU institution will defend its position.

Governance Highlights 📝

Stargate Unwinds Token Reissuance
Stargate ceased the plan to reissue the STG token. The cancellation is due to the threat of legal action from FTX liquidators, they considered a token reissue to a safe wallet a violation of 'automatic stay'.

MakerDAO Putting More Into Treasuries
MakerDAO passed the $750m increment on US treasury investments.

MakerDAO Emergency Circuit Breaker
MakerDAO voted to introduce a debt ceiling breaker for collateral assets used to mint DAI, this allows the DAO to set the debt ceiling for individual collateral to zero quickly.

dYdX Reduces Trading Rewards
The dydx community voted to reduce trading rewards by 45% and the proposal has been executed on March 14, 15:00 UTC.

Hacks/Issues 👾

Forking DeFiLlama
There is a disagreement between 0xLLam4 and 0xngmi (cofounders of DeFiLlama) on pushing a token launch. 0xngmi is forking Llama projects under a new domain while 0xLLam4 controls the original projects and domain.

Despite now being controlled by different members, Llama apps appear to be safe to use for now. Using the swap aggregator routes you to the underlying dexes, just make sure you are on the correct pages as listed above.

Euler Exploit Updates
Euler was hacked for nearly $200M. due to a vulnerability that allowed the attacker to “create an unbacked token debt position by donating funds to the Euler’s reserves”. As a result, “the attacker was able to liquidate these underwater accounts and profit from the liquidation bonuses.”
Check affected protocols and updates here.

Upcoming ⏳

Arbitrum Token & Airdrop
Arbitrum is launching $ARB and enabling airdrop claims on March 23rd. The other launches include the DAO (decentralization) and Arbitrum Orbit (layer 3 infra).

Shanghai Mainnet
The ADCE call ended last Thursday, and devs have confirmed the launch of the Shanghai mainnet upgrade to be on April 12 at 10:27 PM UTC.

Kave V13
The Kava 13 upgrade will enable Kava EVM 2.0 with performance improvements, bridging between Comsos-Ethereum, and better vault control for the DAO.

Gearbox V3
Gearbox announced V3. The new version will improve Asset Limits and Quota Interest, Minimum Viable Tokenomics (MVT) via staking, a bots & automation marketplace, and Balancer/Aura integrations. ETA for V3 is around the end of Q2.

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