Last Week in DeFi - Myso V1, Avalanche x AWS, Nexo Under Investigation, and More...

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Product Launches 🚀

Myso V1 Live
Zero-liquidation lending protocol Myso launches V1 on Ethereum, with the initial rETH/wETH pool live for lenders and borrowers.
Myso also launched a gated LP program and a referral program for users.

Flare L1 Live
L1 oracle network Flare launches its mainnet and the first token distribution. Flare has two core protocols State Connector and FTSO, allowing devs to build interoperable dApps using data from other chains.

Yearn Premissionless Vault Factory
Yearn launches Permissionless Vault Factory, allowing anyone to deploy an auto-compounding yVault for any Curve pool with an active liquidity gauge. Yearn charges a 10% fee on Factory-deployed vaults.

MetaMask Supports ETH Staking

MetaMask now allows users to stake ETH on Lido/RocketPool directly on its Portfolio dApp.

Lumina Live on Solana
Lumina Labs launches its query tool on Solana, allowing users to understand what happens under the hood of a transaction with visualized data. Lumina also provides developer tools for devs to access information and debug tests.

GumBall Live
GumBall protocol, a DeFi NFT creation and trading platform, is now live on Arbitrum. NFT collections created on GumBall will have corresponding ERC-20 tokens that make liquidity for the collection holders to utilize.

Cap v3.1 Public Beta
Cap Finance releases the public beta of its v3.1, enabling cross-margin, dynamic funding, and various order types.

Mantle L2 Testnet Live
Mantle, a modular Ethereum L2 built by BitDAO, launches its testnet and allows devs to sign up for testing/ building dApps.

Mars Testnet Live
Mars protocol launches the Ares Testnet, allowing explores, validators, and devs to get prepared for the mainnet launch and to earn bounties.

Project Updates

Avalanche x AWS
Avalanche partners with AWS to boost enterprise blockchain adoption by supporting Avalanche’s infrastructure and dApp ecosystem.

WOO Tokenomics Revamp
Woo Network will revamp its tokenomics with improvements, starting with a 24% token burn and another 545M tokens time-locked in a vesting contract.

Polygon x Nothing Phone Launch

Nothing Phone launches a beta membership program for US users. Nothing Phone partnered with Polygon to integrate Polygon’s tech and allow users to access web3 dApps on mobile.

Shibairum L2
Shiba Inu is about to launch Shibairum, an Ethereum L2 built around Shiba’s ecosystem. Shibairum will use BONE as its gas token.

NFTX Upgrades Routing
NFT index funds protocol NFTX upgrades its routing and now sources liquidity from more AMMs, offering lower slippage on NFT orders.

Wyre Received Funding
Two weeks after the announcement of closedown, Wyre received funding from a strategic partner and thus will continue operations. Wyre will resume accepting deposits and lift the 90% withdrawal limit shortly.

Governance Highlights 📝

Coinbase Joins RocketPool oDAO
Coinbase announces that its venture arm is joining RocketPool’s governance.

Hacks/Issues 👾

Nexo Under Investigation
Crypto lender Nexo is facing an investigation from Bulgarian prosecutors on alleged illegal activities, including money laundering, tax offenses, banking without a license, and computer fraud.

SEC Charges Gemini and Genesis
SEC charges Genesis and Gemini for selling unregistered securities through Gemini’s Earn program.

Gemini Teminates Earn
Gemini ended the master loan agreement (MLA) between its customers and Genesis, and emailed customers of its Gemini Earn "This officially terminates the Earn Program and requires Genesis to return all assets outstanding in the program,".

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Upcoming ⏳

Polygon Hardfork
Polygon will launch a hard-fork upgrade on Jan 17th to boost performance by addressing the issues of gas spikes and chain reorganizations (reorgs).

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