Last Week in DeFi - Mux V2 Live on Arbitrum, Mastercard Artist Accelerator on Polygon, Ethereum Shanghai Hardfork, and More...

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Product Launches 🚀

Mux V2 Live on Arbitrum
MUX launches V2 on Arbitrum, bringing a leveraged-trading aggregator that offers smart position routes, liquidation price optimization, and up to 100x leverage.

Bebop Live on Arbitrum
Batch-swapping DEX Bebop expands from Ethereum and Polygon to Arbitrum.

Project Updates 🚩

Mastercard Artist Accelerator on Polygon
Mastercard will partner with Polygon to launch an accelerator program to teach musical artists to build their brands through Web3.

Avalanche NFTs on Shopify
Shopify merchants can now mint NFTs on Avalanche and list NFTs on their stores for sale, instead of directing visitors to OpenSea or Magic Eden.

Premia Knox Merger

Options protocol Premia will acquire Knox Finance. Knox is launching yield-bearing DOVs called Knox Vaults using Premia’s architecture.

OpenSea Supports Arbitrum Nova
OpenSea now supports Arbitrum Nova, Arbitrum’s dedicated chain on social and gaming projects. Users will be able to trade Nova collections on OpenSea.

StarkNet Cairo 1.0
StarkNet releases the first public version of Cairo 1.0. Cairo is a programming language for building STARK-provable programs and L2 applications.

Governance Highlights 📝

Fantom Gas Monetization
Fantom governance passed the gas monetization proposal, in which Fantom will reduce the burn rate from 20% to 5%, and redirect the 15% to incentivize usage/transactions of Fantom dApps.

Hacks/Issues 👾

Wyre to Shut Down
Crypto payments company Wyre has informed its employees via email that the company would liquidate and plans to terminate services in January 2023.

Juno Pauses Buying Service
Juno, an on/off-ramp crypto platform, has disabled its crypto buying service and recommends users withdraw their funds to self-custody to avoid potentially being affected by the Wyre shutdown.

Uniswap Router Vulnerability
Uniswap recently introduced Router, a new feature that unifies ERC20 and NFT swapping into a single swap router, however, security firm Dedaun found a vulnerability in Router that could potentially cause reentrancy exploits and fund losses.

Celsius Owns Account Assets
The Judge of the Celsius bankruptcy case ruled that the funds deposited to Earn Accounts, which amount to $4.2 billion, are the property of Celsius, not the investors.

Upcoming ⏳

Ethereum Shanghai Hardfork
The latest Ethereum ACD call just ended. The devs discussed planning around the Shanghai upgrade and had agreed to focus exclusively on ETH withdrawals of the Beacon Chain.
The public testnet of Shanghai is planned to be launched by the end of February, with the mainnet coming around in March.

Trader Joe Coming to BnB Chain
Avalanche-based trading platform Trader Joe will deploy its DEX and NFT marketplace to the BnB chain by the end of March.

Kava 12 Launching
Kava is to launch the 12th upgrade on Jan 19th, focusing on governance and the DAO enhancements.

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